Monday, June 22, 2015

Upcycled Denim Basket // No-sew

Upcycling jeans is fast becoming my new obsession and when I came across this tutorial, I loved the idea of giving an old pair of jeans another chance at being useful by turning one of the legs into this handy basket that is perfect for storing your bits and bobs in. I love upcycling projects and want to do more of them and as a non-sew project, this is perfect for a beginner.

Time: 10 minutes approximately
Supplies: Old jeans, Compass, Marker, Hot glue gun, Detailing

How to make:
Follow this easy tutorial on YouTube by Curly Made - full tutorial here

I used a pair of my husband's old jeans and the legs were wider than those in the video so my basket is a bit shallower but it's also wide so it's great for holding bulkier items. I'm not sure how much weight this would hold though as it is only held together with hot glue so I wouldn't put something too heavy in it. I added some detailing that I had lying around by just sticking it on with the hot glue and I like how it adds a bright little pop of colour to it.

I made another one but this one is a bit taller so to make it stand upright and not slouch over, I added a rolled up piece of cardboard to the inside.

I really like my new baskets and now I just have to decide on what to do with all this leftover denim... I think I'll be going denim crazy over here. Bye for now!