Monday, June 29, 2015

Stained Glass Painted Candle Holders

I have had these plain glass candle holders sitting around my house for ages and even though I've used them a few times, I thought that they desperately needed brightening up so I decided to paint a stained glass design on them.

What you need:
Glass candle holders
Glass paints
Masking tape
Paint brush

Time taken: About 45 minutes to an hour (excluding drying time)

What to do:
Apply tape to the candle holders in the pattern that you want to create. The tape that I had was a bit wide so I had to cut it down to size and then I made random squares and rectangles to create a pattern.

I had four colours to work with so I decided which colours would go where and started painting. I bought this glass paint at a local craft supply store and even though they're not the best quality, they are sufficient enough for this little project.

I left them for an hour or so to dry completely. When I came to peel off the tape, I found that it was peeling the paint off with it so I used a craft knife to cut around the edges of the pattern and then peeled off the tape. Once peeled off though, the effect of the painted pattern turned out to be pretty cool.

I really enjoyed making these stained glass candle holders.
Bye for now!