Sunday, May 17, 2015

Colourful Beaded Bracelet

A couple of weeks ago, I made some funky beaded earrings (read the post here) that I gave to my daughter as a gift. It wasn't her birthday or anything, I made them for her because she is simply awesome and I knew that she would love them. So when I found myself with some time to sit down and make something again, I thought that a bracelet to go with the earrings would be perfect.

Again, really simple to make and the result is super cute and great for the little miss in your life or as a gift to someone you know who would love it.

Colourful beads
Silver beads
Fastener, ring and clasp (available from craft stores)

I used almost all of the same materials for this bracelet as I did for the earrings.

  • Cut a length of the string that is long enough to fit around the wrist twice with a bit of breathing space to accommodate the thickness of the beads
  • Fold the string in half so that you have a double strand
  • Lay out the beads in the order that you want them in before threading them onto the string, being careful that they don't slide off the other end
  • Once all of the beads are on, knot both of the ends next to where the last beads are. This keeps the beads in place and makes it look neater
  • Attach a clasp to the open ends of the string and clamp shut with a pair of pliers
  • Attach a ring and fastener to the clasp
  • Close the bracelet around the wrist by hooking the fastener onto the looped end of the string

That's it, you're done. Have fun making your own bracelets!